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Monday, August 22, 2011

Goatfago & Gorphyryac - Goatshark Abominator [split] (2011)

Genre: Raw Black Metal | Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Denmark | United States
VBR 242 kbps
73 MB

1.Goatromantication 00:35
2.Paradise In Goat Vomit 02;58
3.In Reverence of Goatchrist 02:41
4.Devil Cat Goat Tusken 00:58
5.The Gospel of the Goat 01:49
6.The Boar Is Mightier Than the Goat 02:05
7.Urine Dripping From Goats Bladder 02:57
8.Struck By Infernal Goatlust 01:46
9.Ritual For the Goat Boar 02:22
10.Heroin Injected Into a Goat 04:06

11.Wolfukker 03:53
12.Green Inferno 03:38
13....Where Golgotha Once Stood 02:56
14.Shark Infested Church 02:37
15.Gelatinous Splatter (Live) 02:08
16.Water Zombies (Live) 03:55
17.Shark Infested Church (Live) 02:50

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