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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fps Creator X10 Full Version

FPS Creator X10 is the world's first DirectX 10 game creator for Windows Vista/Windows 7! for the first time ever you can control the powerful features on your graphics card. Visually stunning effects including parallax relief mapping, bloom, reflection, refraction, volume soft shadows and soft particle shader effects are all under your control.
Learn skills you can take with you into the games industry, a jump start into designing games for a living, or just have a great time designing and creating games.

Features :

# Advanced AI Character Behaviours: Both hostile or friendly
# Takes advantage of Dual Core and Quad Core CPU technology
# Create Multiplayer Arena games you can play with your friends
# Script your own Game Logic with the built-in programming language
# Huge library of models, textures and sounds
# Share your creations as stand-alone executables freely
# Active community of FPS Creator users, ready to share ideas
# Game action above and below water. Players can run, leap, swim, dive and even affect the water level

FPS Creator X10 only works on Windows Vista/Windows 7 with the NVIDIA GeForce 8 series of DirectX10 video cards.

We strongly recommend the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 range. We do not recommend any video card with less than 320MB RAM.

CPU: 2GHz minimum. 2.66GHz Dual Core recommended.
Memory: 1GB minimum. 2GB recommended.
Misc: 2GB Hard Drive Space. DVD Drive. Printer to output user guide.

  1. Part 1 
  2. Part 2 
  3. Part 3 
  4. Part 4 
  5. Part 5 
  6. Part 6 
  7. Part 7 
  8. Part 8 
  9. Part 9 
  10. Part 10 
  11. Part 11 
  12. Part 12
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