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Monday, August 22, 2011

Masterplan - MK III (2011)

Genre: Power Metal
Country: Germany (Hamburg)
Info: MP3 320 Kbps, 99.37 MB

Current line-up
Jan-Sören Eckert: Bass (Grimmark, Thomsen, ex-Charon, ex-Epsylon, ex-Iron Savior)
Roland Grapow: Guitars (Roland Grapow, ex-MVP, ex-Helloween)
Axel Mackenrott: Keyboards (Beautiful Sin)
Jørn Lande: Vocals (Allen / Lande, Jørn, ex-Mundanus Imperium, ex-Ark, ex-Beyond Twilight, ex-Millenium, ex-Wild Willy's Gang, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen (live))
Mike Terrana: Drums (Axel Rudi Pell, Downhell, Emir Hot, Empire, Mike Terrana, Razorback, Savage Circus, Tarja, Victor Smolski, Zillion, Roland Grapow, ex-Hanover Fist, ex-Zillion, ex-Artension, ex-Iron Mask, ex-John West, ex-Kiko Loureiro, ex-Not Fragile, ex-Rage, ex-Squealer, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, ex-Gamma Ray (live), ex-Metalium)

01. Never Walk Alone
02. The Kid Rocks On
03. Killing In Time
04. Dying Just To Live
05. Through Thiek And Thin
06. Treasure World
07. Hopes And Dreams
08. Love Is A Rock
09. Black Dog
10. Kisses From You
11. Killing In Time (Instrumental version)

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